Santa Barbara County Dirt Tracks


AW=Cate School, Carpinteria HS

Carpinteria JHS--was once a 440y track, but construction to widen a parking lot caused them to cut off one turn. It is now an embarassing goofy monument to administration stupidity.


Cabrillo HS--

Lompoc HS--Usually locked behind a tall barb wire encrusted fence. Maintenence floods the track regularly during the rainy season. Apparently they don't want to water the football field because it gets too muddy, so they deliberately turn the sprinklers toward the track, turning it to mud. Nobody there thought of maybe turning the sprinklers OFF.

Los Alamos

AW=Dunn School

Santa Barbara

AW=Dos Pueblos HS, San Marcos HS, SBCC, SBHS, UCSB

Santa Maria

AW=Allen Hancock C, Righetti HS, Santa Maria HS

St. Joseph's HS--Square about 400y

Santa Ynez

AW=Santa Ynez HS