Ventura County Dirt Tracks


AW=Camarillo HS

Arneill Ranch Park--


Fillmore HS--


AW=Moorpark HS

Moorpark College--

Newbury Park

Newbury Adventist Academy--This track has been removed, they sold the property and it now holds a shopping center

Newbury Park HS--

Oak Park

Oak Park HS--Kanan Rd. opposite Double Tree Rd.


Matilija School--Poorly maintained with no curb.

Nordhoff HS--400m with a curb.

Thatcher School--

Villanova Prep--


AW=Channel Islands HS, Oxnard HS, Pacifica HS and Rio Mesa HS

Blackstock IS--440y with a curb, with lots of junk growing in all lanes including lane 1.

El Rio del Valle IS--Rose Ave. north of Del Norte. Narrow turns and normal length straights on this short track.

Frank IS--440y dirt track with a barely visible wood curb that has been "shortened. The backstretch notably gets flooded regularly so it has lots of mut/puddles and it supports lots of grass growing into the originally cleared track area.

Fremont IS--Single lane, 440y in the grass. With no curb it is obvious the corners have "shortened" with usage.

Green IS--440y with a curb. Not well maintained but the best of the Oxnard IS tracks.

Old Oxnard HS--440y and obviously rarely maintained since the school was decommissioned. The Police Athletic League now inhabit the school but the track is not a priority--lots of junk growing in the track. The fence around the football field encourages growth to hang out into lane 1.

Oxnard College--Pleasant Valley Rd. and Bard Rd. Watch where you park here--they are tough.

Point Mugu

Point Mugu Naval Base--a poorly defined 440y dirt track, uneven with no curb. This also is one end of an 880y (or longer) track that continues off the east end of the straightaways.

Port Hueneme

AW=Hueneme HS

Port Hueneme Naval Base--440y track with concrete curb.

Santa Paula

Santa Paula HS--Old 440y track with marked start/finish in the middle of the home straightaway in front of the stands.

Simi Valley

AW=Royal HS

Hillside MS--

Simi Valley HS--Stow St. opposite Fearing St.

Thousand Oaks

AW=Thousand Oaks HS

Cal Lutheran U.--440y, uneven an in need of a curb. The raised grass defines the turns. I've seen some of the most bizarre lane marking here.


Anacapa MS--a short, square 4 lane grass track

Balboa MS--2 4 lane grass tracks, the lines now barely perceptable

Buena HS--Wake Forest Ave. south of Telegraph. 440y with a curb

Cabrillo MS--A single lane grass track

DeAnza MS--a 220y grass track

St. Bonaventure HS--

Ventura College--440y with a curb.

Ventura HS--440y with a curb.

Westlake Village

AW=Oaks Christian HS

Westlake HS--Via Merida above Thousand Oaks Blvd.