Directions to Arroyo Verde Park, Ventura

Take any freeway to Ventura, 101 or 126.

Get off at the Victoria Avenue exit.

Turn North (from Thousand Oaks or L.A. turn right, from Santa Barbara turn left)

Take Victoria all the way past the shopping areas, up the hill, to Foothill Road.

Turn left and go to the first light. Turn right into the park. It is opposite the end of Day Road.

Go into the park--the start of the race and registration picnic table will be near the children's play area where the grass area meets a wooded section. There will be plywood boards with maps and course records on them next to the table, along with water.

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If you must drink along the way, you should prepare to take it with you--the only water stop fountain on the course is about 2.6 miles when the course comes back near the start line--and nobody will be dispensing water there, you're on your own. At times, some of the neighbors have put up an ad lib water stop, but that would only be .8 miles into the course and you can't depend upon it.

Before 4 p.m., nobody will be manning the registration table. If I'm late, just hang around, don't be nervous. I'm busy marking the course. This is a small operation.

Don't let me sound like this is too flakey an operation, you will be timed by two U.S.A.T.F. Certified Olympic Officials.