Some of the pictures have some unnatural distortion as I have blended photos for the wide panoramic effect.

Ambassador College

This is from the southwest corner of the track. I've never seen anybody actually use this track but it has been here a while. There are no throw rings, or location for a pole vault pit, otherwise it has marks for the rest of a track meet on the odd sized track. The hurdle marks are no longer visible, but there are lines for 110H.

Based on the markings there is enough room on the straightaway to run a full 110H.

At the end of the line they have provided this pad to help you stop.

If you don't stop, it falls straight down to the sidewalk and street.

I have heard Dwight Stones used this facility to train when he was back in high school, (Glendale) which dates it even older than my original estimate.

They have used just about every inch of available space. Obviously it has not had much attention in many years, the surface is worn/faded and most small marks have disappeared.

Based on the finish marks I am guessing this to be imperial, 6 laps to a mile.

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