Brea-Olinda High School

This photo is facing south. Built in a bowl just below the rest of the campus. This new campus is well equipped with facilities all fomed into the available geography. From this angle you can see the patch in lanes 1-3 that is discussed below. I will note they have barricades stored against the wall of the shed (far right) but I've never seen them in place.

This section 20m before the finish line has apparently been dug up. When they packed it back down, it bulged more. The wavy lines are not an optical illusion, it is a noticible bump in the track. While they have redone the inner lanes, it is uneven across the track. This is the classic example of what not to do on a track. Build it right the first time. Put in all conduits and sub-surfacing. Research the geology under your track, before you build it.

There is a different surface on lanes 1-3 of that section and the painting has been redone on the lines (poorly). Look at the curb height. The curb is fairly consistent around the track, but the track waves up and down all over the place. None of it is sufficient to be a legal curb, but it goes from this section (above the curb in lane 2-3) to another spot 30m down the track that is significantly below the curb height.

Here's the finish line area. Notice the divit opposite the lane 2 400m start (white) line. They did use the correct colors here and added a reverse 100h start line with another mark that they thought would make sense for a shuttle hurdle race.

Here's the opposite end of the sprint straight with the other 100h finish line. They have also repaired the start line area, due to the block damage.


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