College of the Canyons

This photo is facing north during the finish of one of the College of the Canyons famous summer Cross Country Series races (which finishes backwards around the track at the common finish). A metal curb separates the inner jogging lane from the track. There is a long unlined chute at the end of the home stretch. In 2002 they installed the fake grass infield which caused them to have to reorient the field event areas. The Horizontal Jump runways have been moved north out of the oval with Pole Vault and SP on the south end. As of August 2003, the new runways have not been surfaced, in fact the sand pits are just big empty holes in the ground, and their runways have cut slots (more holes) where the removable boards will be inserted.

As you probably have noted from my comments, I am against stupidity in regards to construction, particularly as it relates to how a track might be used. Here is one of those cases. Unfortunately it was dark when I was able to photograph this. The old "slice" style steeplechase runway was installed here on the original track construction. In 2002, when they put in the fake grass football field (and actually the soccer field), it was aligned so the field had to cut a notch out of the steeplechase ramp and a bit out of the jogging lane on both sides of the track. Curiously they have no need to do this on the opposite end of the track. As can be seen above, they have tons of room on that end. What apparently was the overriding concern was to align the football and soccer fields to the center of the press box above west stands. But the track was not aligned to that same mark (it is too far south), so they had to destroy the track facilities in the process. Possibly when they re-do the track the next time around they will move the steeplechase to the center of the turn where it will fit. The stationary steeplechase barrier is outdated anyhow. What this (suggestion) will affect is the size of the High Jump apron. While the jogging lane is technically unimportant to the operation of a track meet, it is a shame to lose a portion of it simply because they felt it so important to perfectly align the field to the press box.

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