Cerritos College

Below are pictures of the previous version, before they installed the Fake Grass and Mondo Track.

This is shooting toward the south. This was taken during the clean up following the State High School (CIF) Championships. One of the main things that qualifies this centrally stadium for such championships (it also has hosted the USATF National Championships) is the high quality double decker pressbox on the opposite side of the stadium. Beyond the trees at the far end of the track is a fenced in field that serves as an excellent staging area for a large meet. Long throws are conducted in another field behind those far stands (across the street). Yes this track has many miles on it and is due to be resurfaced, but this is a top notch facility.

It is nice to be able to post a picture like this. Thousands of people cramming the stands to watch a track meet. It happens almost every year here at the State Championships. And these aren't just the parents, coaches and the participants of the meet, most of them are kept in the opposite stands which are almost equally filled. Lower right: they put down taped start lines to allow the 300H to start on a straight. With 94m straightaways, the first two lanes needed to be extended.

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