Golden West College, Huntington Beach

The finish line is offset by 10 meters. The south turn has the tell tale extra lane showing the previous imperial track was sortened to become metric. And obviously they do use their barricades.

They have done a major renovation by resurfacing much of the facility, but then some of the old surface for the High Jump, Pole Vault and Long Jump remains.

The north Pole Vault runway is still the roll out surface from before. And the javelin runway on the south is still dirt and overlaps half the steeplechase pit. The elevation change to the steeplechase is also a curiosity.

Below is what this looked like when it was on the Bottom 10

This photo is facing south. This was a good facility in the 70's, but really hasn't advanced past that. Time has left it by. The dual Pole Vault pits (one on the right outside the track), housed high jump pit and throwing cage show they still actively use this facility.

This is the south turn. The inner lane line for lane 2 is worn off but there are 10 lanes marked on this turn. The extra 10th lane does not go around the track but is the compensation from the original imperial installation.

The common finish line shows the wear of lane 1 and 2. The consistency of the wear in those lanes shows they had done some additional (minimal) resurfacing to those lanes (thus the lane line being the first thing to dissappear)..

The west runway has obviously been installed with a different, newer surface. The backstretch doesn't look any better than the home.

The other long jump runway hasn't been used in a while. What is astounding is the condition of the only high jump apron--this seems downright dangerous, particularly with finicky high jumpers around.

Here are some shots to show the unevenness and inconsistency of the surface. Time has done its damage. Yes, the steeplechase pit is higher than the track.

You can see the pieces of rubber mixed into the original surface. Of course, had it remained sealed you wouldn't be able to see that. They never did surface the javelin runway.

This final photo comes from the school's website.

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