California State University, Dominguez Hills (Home Depot Center)

This is shooting toward the south. I'm going to be a little more abusive to this facility than perhaps it deserves. Don't get me wrong, this is a first class facility, the best in Southern California. But while sitting on the USATF board, I have been led to believe this will be nirvana and it is not.

First the gates to this impressive training facility are locked. This was to be our great training hub, attracting athletes from all over Southern California. Instead it is devoid of athletes, locked, without even a jogger to be seen.

The south start/finish area seems to be the primary. Relays and steeplechase are only marked to finish here. Notice the curb is missing. Large sections of the curb are missing, though they are in place in other sections of the curve.

The North start/finish area has strange, dark colored lines. Again notice the missing curb. The holes drilled to hold the curb are on the white line, but the line is the same width as the others. The curb should be 10 cm inside.

This is the worst insult of all. Within months of its opening, our brand new track is already horribly stained by the overflowing water. The North start/finish area is the one that was used for the debut international meet--this area is going to be the primary part of the track to be seen on television.

This is south sprint start area. Notice the relay zones use the international chevron markings instead of American triangles.

This is the North sprint start area with the break line marked in the outer five lanes. Why, I don't know.

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