Some of the pictures have some unnatural distortion as I have blended photos for the wide panoramic effect.

Homestead High School

This photo is facing south. I don't know the dynamics that caused the "errors" in this construction. The result is a track that is not standard but had no reason to be.

The marking of the start lines show the official measurement. The cascading relay zones and multiple start lines show the compromises necessary to run an official high school meet on a track that is the wrong distance. There are many other imperial length tracks, but all I know of date back at least to the 1980's, this track was first made all-weather in 2001. They should have known better. Why is the finish line offset 5m? Another mystery.

On the backstrecth sprint straight, they added the 8th lane. I have to assume its absense around the rest of the track was budgetary--there is no space limitation on either end of the track (though they did keep the original stands. Were they so cheap in this construction that they didn't put in a new appropriate curb first? Sprints are marked to run in reverse to a random finish line about 30m before the turn.

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