Orange Coast College

This photo is facing east, unfortunately heavily distorted. They do have barricades here and I have seen them in use.

They were smart to build a paved lane to store the hurdles next to the track. By not surfacing the space, they saved on unnecessary material that will go unused. Many facilities fail to do this, paying for a lane that is never used.

The hurdle lane goes all the way around the track.

Across the parking lot is the throwing area, with a cage sufficient for hammer throw.

They use one ring, without the insert for discus and with it for hammer.

I happened on the track when someone with the original story came by. You would see the extra lane and say this was a conversion from imperial to metric. But this track was built in 2001. The extra surface is evidence of a measuring mistake. The curb was installed in the wrong place, the straightaways some 11 inches too long. An entire new curb, subsurface and surface was required to correct it (costing the facility a year of usage).

The glare in lane 1 gives evidence of its surface being installed at a seperate time from the rest of the track. This is what frustrates me about some of these strange situations. A great deal of time and expense was needed because of a simple measurement mistake. What do they teach you in shop . . . "Measure twice, cut once?" At least this was fixed. At other places, we live with the mistake, sometimes we know, and sometimes we don't the track is mismeasured.


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