Occidental University

You can see the school's track stadium website at http:/www.oxy.edu/welcome/tour-old/track.htm
All of these pictures were taken before the installation of the Fake Grass infield.

Past the common finish line are reverse start lines for 100H (and 100m) and 110H. The home stretch is also multi-used as a Long Jump or Pole Vault runway. The normal Pole Vault and Long Jump runways run paralell--with the wide field there is plenty of room. That is the javelin runway on the right. And over the finish line is a permanently mounted single-pole tower for automatic timing. Just beyond the finish line is a suspended pipe, perfect for hanging banners or crossing the track with cables (apparently no underground conduit).

When I visited, most of the hurdles were in lane 2, I am guessing to serve as a barricade to keep joggers out of the inner lanes (by sheer volume). I've only seen this technique used in one other location, with similar results.

The incredibly short straightaways (and thus wide turns) finish on the home stretch. Way off in the distance is the end of the 3rd passing zone, which ends 90m before the finish line.

With hurdles going both directions, (100H yellow arrows in both directions, 110H blue arrows in normal direction, blue lines in reverse) plus both HS (white lines) and Open (green lines) Intermediate hurdles marked, there are a lot of marks on the track.

With the reinstalled curb (which would normally be removed for steeplechase anyhow) it is curious the curb does not break at the steeplechase lane. This just days after a major meet, it seems the steeplechasers have one additional small barrier if they try to follow the line. Note the mounting hole a little over a foot past the break--this seems to be in the correct place (just badly designed for that situaiton).

Here is the inside, adjustable steeplechase barrier, now installed for track season.

They do a several multi-event competitions here, so the need for extra field event facilities is understandable. Here at the sprint start area is another Pole Vault box.

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