Some of the pictures have some unnatural distortion as I have blended photos for the wide panoramic effect.


This is facing west. The Pepperdine campus continues to build up the hillside. To my knowledge there has not been a Pepperdine Track Team in the duration of this track. Unfortunately the track does show significant wear, perhaps due to the weather and salt air at this location. It is at the top of a very steep hill (I've been in a race that went up that hill) which ends above a cliff that drops off toward the Pacific Ocean. I know several elite athletes did use it to train on and there are occasional events here (though no meets I have heard of), but mostly this is populated by college joggers. There is almost no chute here, just enough for a regulation 110HH backed up against the retaining wall on the right. There are two barricades at the point of each turn, but I have never seen them in place.

Here's a University supplied photo from higher up the hill. It doesn't look as flattering.

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