Some of the pictures have some unnatural distortion as I have blended photos for the wide panoramic effect.

Rancho Cienega, Jackie Robinson Stadium

This photo is generally looking south. This stadium is lit most evenings with joggers on the track and soccer players on the infield. The wear in the grass is due to the almost constant use of this facility by soccer players, though the high number of joggers using the facility is a good sign for our sport.

The jumping area is on the south end of the track.

As probably the most heavily used track in Southern California, this is a good situation to examine the wear on this track. In the evenings, this is fully lit with runners, joggers and walkers sharing all six lanes, while a soccer game usually fills the infield. With no curb, you can see the definite wear pattern vs the essentially unused surface of the high jump apron. Originally built in 1983 as an Olympic training site, this was most recently resurfaced in 1997.

The sprint straight shows the more even wear of the central lanes used not only in meets but in practice.

The start line shows the wear of the blocks and constant starts from the same spot.

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