San Jose City College

This is an aerial facing southwest. This is the location of the first All Weather Track I saw and ran on. Originally Rubber-Asphalt in the 1960's, it was improved several times. Was the host of National Championships, and the Bruce Jenner Relays, named after the Olympic Gold Medalist who trained here for several years before bursting onto the Wheaties Box in 1976. The light standard, on the far left of the picture is in absolutely the wrong spot for good TV coverage of a track meet--this is significant considering the number of major, televised meets from this stadium. But in all the years its been used as such, that pole has never been moved. That is now a new fake grass infield. Underneath the grass is hard pavement (I watched them construct some of this).

In order to reposition the finish line inside of that pole, the now have offset the finish line by about 5m. Unfortunately they aren't holding televised meet here currently. In fact, the big televised meets (including an annual invitational and a couple of National Championships) are happening just up the road at Stanford. With the slice steeplechase, there should be an additional offset finish line on the homestretch (there used to be), but I couldn't see such a mark.

Decathlon is still a factor here. They have dual throwing cages, four different pole vault areas, and an extra high jump area outside the stadium (where the old 36" steeplechase barriers are stored in this picture).

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