Webb School

This facing North. These photos are courtesy of their proud coach, Jeff Venglass, who is running an outstanding throws program at this small private school on the hill (cliff). A note: the green hills were blackened in the great fire of October 2003. See a story.

On the far left of this photo you can see the abrupt end of the 7th and 8th lane on the curve from the spint straight.

As you can see looking south on the backstretch, it is 6 lanes the rest of the way around. ! Note the barricades, not in place. I doubt they are as much of an issue as it is to get past the full time security that monitors the campus.

Rather unique to this location is the covered stands. I would expect to see this in Oregon but not in the fringe of the desert of Southern California.

I don't normally give this much coverage to all the facilities. But since Jeff went through the effort to sent these to me, I'll show off the whole place. It is the throwing facilities he most focused on.

And if you want to throw weights, you have to lift them. This is some bonus coverage of their weight room.

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